Customer acquisition, engagement and reactivation are key to maintaining growth for your business. Using digital technologies to achieve this is our speciality, be it email, social or gamification, we do it and do it well, from concept design to the build. (with several awards to prove it).

However if not managed well, the outcome can be detrimental to your business and brand reputation, annoying your customers, creating animosity and in some instances elicit a big slap on the wrists due to government rules and regulations.

Skinny Marketing is not a traditional marketing agency. We’ll create the best solutions for your requirements, and then manage and measure the outcomes or empower you to control the campaigns yourself. We believe that this is the way that social and digital communications should be run. Our best client relationships are the collaborative ones.

Give us a call or an email today, and find out how we can help you with a new strategy, or improve what you have in place already. We make a pretty good cup of coffee, and we are always happy to chat.

Here’s a little taste of what we do


12 Days of Sportsmas
Customer engagement through reward to build loyalty was the brief for this surprise and delight campaign. TAB customer got and email inviting them to take part, then for the next 12 day they got email, linking to a microsite that would reveal a daily bonus. The bonus was not linked to any financial prerequisite, just a reward for engaging with the daily email.

New World

Developed to support in market messaging around New World’s Everyday Low Product range this quiz based game was built that allowed customers to play daily with new sets of products to improve knowledge around which products and brands were in the Everyday Low Price range. Product pricing and location was dynamic to reflect real value based on customer location.

Flybuys and Noel Leemings

The Noel Leeming Games
Developed to support Noel Leeming’s sponsorship of the “com games”, players were invited to play via EDM, players could play once per day and tried to pass the appliance as many times as they could to score top spots on the leaderboard and be into win Flybuys points. each day played had a new appliance to pass.

Flybuys and TNZ

Tour your own backyard
A quiz style customer engagement piece was created to get Kiwis exploring their own backyard post Covid, rather than rushing off overseas. Players answered nine questions about local land marks up and down the country, and based on the the results were recommended place to visit and explore.


Taking inspiration from Candy Crash, this fun and ever so addictive game was developed to engage members with the ultimate goal of getting them to nominate a Flybuys currency for their rewards. Delivered via personalised email member could play each day and complete up to 4 levels to earn entries into a prize draw.